Architectural claddings for ventilated facades

Innovative architectural panels for the creation of facade cladding capable of highlighting the volumes of the buildings and enhancing their personality.
Trespa® Meteon® decorative panels are made with quality materials, finishes and systems that allow them to be used in combination with other building elements for the installation of innovative and functional ventilated facades.
An extremely versatile product, available in a wide range of colors, finishes and tactile effects, for unlimited aesthetically fascinating design solutions.

Why choose a Ventilated Facade?
A system of ventilated facades creates an air passage in the cavity that helps to remove heat and humidity, as well as protect the building from rain and solar radiation.
Living spaces are drier and more comfortable for an improvement in the quality of life.

The endless design and customization possibilities make Trespa® cladding panels suitable for covering commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Different colors and materials favor its application also for the cladding of the facades of schools and public buildings.

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rivestimento colorato facciata edificio