Schüco TipTronic Simply Smart: new generation windows

The Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart retractable mechatronic equipment integrated into the fixtures intelligently connects the mechatronic components of Schüco windows to a single control unit, allowing the automated and silent handling of the windows. Special sensors regulate opening and closing based on the healthiness of the air or the internal temperature that you want to maintain, even when communicating with the existing home automation system.

In addition to manual operation using the handle, it is possible to operate the fixtures with a simple touch on the smartphone or via voice command thanks to a specific integration with specific home automation management systems (for example Amazon Alexa).

Advantages and components:

  • Temperature / rain / wind sensors constantly communicate with the control unit and ensure the activation of protection functions (for example, closing the windows in case of rain).
  • Programming with Timer: with TipTronic systems it is possible to configure a timer that manages the closing of all the windows at a predetermined time or the timed ventilation for air exchange.
  • Integrated management of sun screens for automatic handling according to the time, brightness and position of the sun.
  • Schüco VentoAir and Schüco VentoFrame: two manual decentralized mechanical ventilation solutions that guarantee, even with the window closed, a continuous exchange of air inside the home without any intervention by users.

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