Schüco TipTronic redefines the automation of aluminum windows

Schüco TipTronic is the first generation of fully mechatronic equipment that allows the automation of windows as an integral part of a smart building, autonomous in the management of energy, safety and design.

Schüco offers innovative solutions for the integration and management of ventilation, shading, lighting, air conditioning and heating systems. Several sensors record the physical conditions inside and outside the building, contributing to the energy efficiency of the building envelope and control windows’ condition for greater safety.

The mechatronic generation of TipTronic equipment is characterized by comfort, safety and design, ensuring a wide variety of openings. The equipment can be integrated into the automation of the building to perform functions such as night cooling through natural ventilation and implement alarm systems through real-time communication of the condition of the windows.

Totally concealed equipment, reduced thicknesses and a contemporary design: Schüco TipTronic aims to improve the living comfort of offices, public areas and schools, but also easily integrates into residential buildings.

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