New Schüco SimplySmart windows

Schüco SimplySmart is the window with fully concealed hinges and 180° opening, for an exceptional design.The revolutionary functions of the new SimplySmart range arise from a new production and assembly process for “click” fixtures and from a new family of AvanTec SimplySmart concealed appliances, developed by Schüco to guarantee an excellent “window laid” result, without possibility of error.

Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart is the new generation of concealed appliances that combines a unique and timeless design with new and wider functionalities, through an innovative “intelligent” installation process. In addition to the extreme ease and flexibility of assembly, which requires the use of very few tools, the cleanliness of the design due to the use of the totally retractable equipment and the possibility of obtaining even considerable door weights (up to 250 Kg) underline the unique nature of the new range of equipment.

Advantages offered by SimplySmart solutions

  • Totally retractable equipment
  • 180 ° opening angle in addition to the 90° opening model
  • Up to 250 kg of sash weight for windows with sash opening and up to 200 kg for tilt-and-turn windows
  • Class 5 corrosion protection as standard
  • Continuous open joint gasket on the entire perimeter, without vulcanized corner, for a perfect seal (water and air) even in the most critical area of ​​the corner
  • Locking and anti-burglary points that can be integrated after window installation
  • Reduced maneuvering efforts and maximum silence.

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