Schüco AD UP: new aluminium doors

All the advantages of aluminum and Schüco technology, for greater design flexibility.

Thanks to the flat threshold flush with the floor, the new Schüco AD UP aluminum doors allow comfortable and safe access to all types of users (elderly, children or disabled people in wheelchairs) and allow greater freedom of movement thanks to the customizable opening inwards or outwards. In this way, the door is no longer a barrier, but an indispensable element for an osmotic connection between indoor and outdoor.

The new Schüco AD UP aluminum door systems combine the distinctive pluses of Schüco aluminum doors – minimal design, high thermal, acoustic and anti-burglary performance – with construction flexibility, fitting perfectly into different architectural contexts. They also allow the creation of large doors (up to 3 meters high and leaf weight up to 200 kg) and can be perfectly integrated into Schüco facade systems.

The purity of the shapes distinguishes the entire range: flat and linear visible profiles, concealed hinges, full-height integrated handle with LED backlight. The coplanar panel fits perfectly with the masonry and all components, including safety and automation ones, are completely concealed within the profiles.

State-of-the-art technology: Schüco AD UP doors can be perfectly integrated with the DCS-Door Control System for managing touch access control, even with a fingerprint, and video door entry functions, even remotely, with PC, tablet and smartphone.

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Schuco AD UP