SAC1 Certificate

Due to European law regarding fire prevention, starting from 01 January 2010, SAC1 certification is mandatory on fire escapes.

UNI EN 14351-1:2010 sets out all the checking that need to be done on products and the tracking that the manufacturer needs to keep of checks and tests done during production phase. Product traceability is requested, thus the whole process of manufacturing is traced and secure. SAC1 Certificate therefore states the essential characteristics of an emergency door, and it is mandatory at every fire department inspection or when it is request as a requirement in a contract.

How to recognize an emergency door?
A standard door, becomes “a door on a fire escape” when identified as such by an evacuation plan: fire prevention, SAC1 certificate becomes fundamental to obtain fire prevention certification. However, the same prerequisite can be demanded by the orderer as a clause of the contract, to simply grant a safe and secure workplace (d.lgs. 81/2008).

IRCcOS Institute authorized Modula Group the manufacturing and installation of fire escape doors (SAC 1). These doors can come in different profiles: aluminium with or without thermal-break and are checked and tested periodically.


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