Edilportale reports our burglar resistance windows and doors.

Inspired by 18th century buildings, Schüco fixtures hold the absolute spotlight among the architecture of this house.” Edilportale.com writes this talking about antiburglar windows and doors we made and purchased for a mansion in a district of Udine that wanted to achieve basically three aims: – modern design perfectly combined with nature surrounding, outstanding thermal insulation and technology, high burglar resistance.

Our thanks to Arch. Massimo Nencioni (2mworld.com) for choosing us for the production of Schüco antiburglar windows and doors, safety grates, blackout curtains and sun shading screens. We are also grateful for what he said about us: “[…]Modula Group, Schüco partner company, has been fundamental during both the developmental and constructive phase, guiding us towards the best solutions for custom-made finishes such as the big lift and slide windows of this Villa, and providing the best accuracy as you can see by the bow window.”

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