New Schüco ASS 70 HI Design Edition

Schüco ASS 70 Design Edition the new lift and slide window with high technical and aesthetic performance, all in one. Schüco has always been sensitive about introducing innovations in our country, thus the New Schüco ASS70 HI Design Edition launch at BAU 2017. This new Schüco system combines the harmony of wide view – door weight up to 400kg – with high energy performances.

Easy handling
Schüco ASS 70 HI aluminium system enables maximum light penetration, thanks to its 48mm middle frame, allowing a brighter space, and consequently energy-saving. The lift-and-slide system, ensures both higher air, water resistance and an easier handling regardless of the frame’s weight. Moreover, the SmartClose system, making the door slow down when reaching the frame at its closure, provides higher security standards which can really make the difference where there are kids for example.

Accessibility and customization
Thanks to the only-25 mm threshold, this lift and slide window makes it easy to go from one space to the other for everyone, overcoming any inconvenience for elderly people or people with disabilities. Also, Schüco ASS70 HI Design Edition can be installed without much masonry, it is the best solution in case of renovation. In fact, it can be highly customized thanks to a wide variety of colors. It is also possible to choose two different colours for the outside and the inside.

Anti-theft security
The very first step to have a secure home is to employ passive security manners. Schüco ASS 70 HI Design Edition is the best solution to protect people you love. This lift and slide window in fact, can reach antiburglar class RC2, which means it resists any attempt to break-in with pliers, screw drivers or chocks.

Picture credits: Schüco International KG

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