Movable glass walls

Porches and balconies from which to enjoy the outdoors during the summer season and a panoramic view sheltered from rain and wind in the cooler months. Balconglas by Metalglas are innovative glass walls allow you to enjoy outdoor spaces all year round without compromise.

The Balconglas patented system is made up of mobile glass panels that can be folded together in the minimum of space for glass walls able to “disappear” completely.

Balconglass is the ideal solution for closing balconies, terraces or porches: the homogeneous surface of the glass panels, without holes, allows a clean and elegant final result.

The simplified installation and ease of use complete the advantages of the glass walls produced by Metalglas, the guide-rail, which is quick to install, allows you to slide the glass panels towards the closing angle to enjoy the maximum possible opening with the minimum effort.

Open spaces to enjoy all year round?
For more information and a customized project, contact our technical staff.

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