OS2: minimal design meets energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of a building passes through the replacement of old windows. The market offers a wide choice of materials, colors and finishes that characterize the performance and aesthetic appearance of the windows, responding to the most different requests.

When faced with the restoration of historic buildings, however, it becomes essential to keep the aesthetic characteristics of the facade and the design of the pre-existing windows unchanged. The solution is provided to us by the innovative OS2 system. High-level design windows, compliant with the highest performance requirements and certified by the best European laboratories.

The particular composition of the OS2 profile allows to maintain slender visible sections and to use materials such as galvanized steel, brass or corten steel, to create windows and doors that are visibly similar to the iron windows used in prestigious buildings since the mid-19th century .

Despite the high degree of architectural integration, OS2 effectively responds to even the most modern needs dictated by sustainable construction: high living comfort and low environmental impact through the sustainability of the products and processes used.

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