Schüco SmartActive antimicrobial surface for handles

An innovative solution for “hygiene-sensitive” environments.

Schüco SmartActive, the long-lasting antimicrobial protection for Schüco AWS window handles, effectively reduces the number of germs, prevents their further proliferation and is safe for people and the environment.

The antimicrobial effect is guaranteed thanks to the deposit of silver particles incorporated into the paint: the microbes that come into contact with the surface treated with the SmartActive product die, preventing further proliferation. This also applies to multidrug-resistant bacteria such as those classified as MRSA and MRSAE.

Unlike disinfection, which kills all germs in a short time, the action of the SmartActive treatment lasts over the long term: in this way, it significantly limits the number of germs that can develop between one disinfection cycle and another, representing a valid help. in obtaining maximum surface hygiene.

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maniglia antimicrobica smartactive