Schüco ASE 67 PD

Schüco ASE 67 PD: complete transparency, maximum accessibility

Designed to meet specific comfort and design requirements, Schüco Italia introduced the new ASE 67 PD panoramic system, the first 0-level threshold slider designed to disappear into the masonry: 99% transparency.

The new Schüco ASE 67 PD Aluminum System (Aluminum Sliding Element Panorama Design) makes it possible to produce large sliding glass doors (with dimensions up to 3500X3000 mm and weighing up to 400 kg) and maximum transparency. The outer frame was designed to disappear inside the building’s masonry, leaving only a thin 31 mm central knot in sight. Elegant and discreet, the new sliding Schüco ASE 67 PD is also performing from the accessibility point of view: the “0-level” threshold, perfectly flat, facilitates the passage between internal and external environments also favoring the access to those who have difficulty of movement, such as children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Flexibility and modularity for greater living comfort
The new Schüco ASE 67 PD sliding door offers the possibility to combine different types of doors with two different types of frame: the 90 mm version allows the complete disappearance of the door inside the frame and guarantees greater performance in terms of sealing to the ‘ Water, while the 57 mm variant is ideal for refurbishment. The very slender profile and the possibility of recessing the chassis inside the masonry also allow to maximize the amount of glazed surface facilitating the entrance of natural light in the environments.

Technology meets beauty
The new Schüco ASE 67 PD sliding door features an exclusive fully integrated locking system, available in three different variants. The combination of the various locks offers the opportunity to create a high-class anti-burgling enclosure for greater security and protection of the home.

In addition to its sleek and refined aesthetics, the slider also offers high performance air and water performance and optimal thermal performance.

Picture credits: Schüco International KG