Minimal design doors and windows made of ultra-thin aluminum profiles are more and more required for installation in contemporary buildings and renovations where you need to exploit the maximum of the glass surface and to minimize the visual clutter of the frame. In response to our customers more careful to aesthetics, we produce doors and windows with retractable leaf system, panoramic sliding windows with floor-level threshold and ultra-thin profile, solutions for the outer coating of the profiles that are so hidden in the wall or in the cladding.

Custom-made Doors and Windows
Each new project starts with a thorough study of building site’s structural features, customer’s needs and the climate zone. Information collected allows us to design windows that provide a higher comfort level throughout the seasons while minimizing the building’s energy consumption.
We take care of the realization of our windows paying close attention to the design too: from colors to accessories, each element contributes to the uniqueness of sliding windows produced by our company.


  • higher thermal insulation for a lower building’s energy consumption
  • outstanding sound reduction
  • weathering resistance: high levels of water, air and saltiness resistance
  • burglar protection
  • innovative sliding and lift-and-slide system ensures that the moving vent can be operated easily and securely
  • fully concealed sliding drive system opens, closes and locks even floor-to-ceiling lift-and-slide units
  • no limits to designing: up to 9 sqm glass surface
  • ease of maintenance
  • minimal amount of space while opening
  • no architectural barriers: floor level tracks
  • wide choice of colours, different colour designs inside and outside also possible
  • customization: discover minimal doors and windows automation devices >>

Aluminium frames shapes, concealed hinges, complements and a wide range of colors and finishes create an endless number of combinations that allow us to obtain windows suitable to all housing and architecture needs, even in case of historic and urban constraints.


  • 2 or 3 tracks sliding windows and french-windows
  • panoramic lift-and-slide french-windows

Aluminium sliding windows ensure high insulation performance through the use of thermal-break profiles and allow them to respond with efficiency and functionality to all the architectural requirements for both newbuild and renovation projects in residential and commercial buildings.
Thanks to our lift-and-slide systems you can enjoy the maximum glazed area taking advantage of an extremely easy and secure opening system. All fittings are designed, manufactured and installed according to our technical department guidelines; the internal processing cycle is constantly monitored by our qualified staff.


  1. mobile frame: double glass and EPDM gasket
  2. weather resistance
  3. fixed frame
  4. glazing brads
  5. thermal rods
  6. sealing gasket
  7. sliding tracks made of self-lubricating and wear-resistant material
  8. flush floor door threshold