Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI (Panorama Design High Insulation) is the panoramic sliding windows combining modern design and highly refined technological performance that achieve excellence.

An ultra-slim profile for panoramic sliding windows to large sizes for maximum brightness of the rooms and excellent thermal insulation. The profiles section view minimum-pillar and the outer frame are characteristic features retractable slide Panoramic Schüco, designed to allow a minimal visual clutter and accept in its entirety the view outside.

The integrated sliding system provides special guide with sliding wheels, which allow smooth movement of the windows and ensure high capacities, with sash weights up to 500 kg. The size of the glass window can reach 3 × 3 m (with glazed infill thickness up to 60 mm). This feature, along with the B-pillar aluminum of only 3 cm, making the panoramic sliding a unique solution is astounding impact and brightness.

The high value of design, it is also guaranteed the absence of handles, obtained thanks to an automation system integrated in the profile which ensures the comfort of use.