The entrance is the “calling card” of your home, it must therefore reflect house’s style and be both welcoming and functional.
In the entrance design, choosing the right door plays a fundamental role: door protect your home from the outside temperature and by break-in attempts.

An insulated reinforced door effectively meets the needs of closing the entrance and contributes to the thermal insulation of the building, increasing the internal comfort.
For lovers of design and functionality, we recommend the Oikos security doors Synua: a vertical pivot large door which close flush to the wall for a continuous effect on the facade.

The modular structure allows a high degree of customization with the ability to combine different materials and a wide range of available finishes: lacquered glass, stainless steel, wood, matt or glossy laquered, porcelain …

Elegance, safety and security into entrance doors flush with the wall of the line Synua.