finiture interne di qualità

Modula Group is a dynamic company, efficient in responding to the changing needs of the international market.
The production process is carefully followed from start to finish by our technical office, which works in close contact with both client and architect throughout construction, liaising with other companies involved and organising in-house production.

This continuous exchange of information between design and production teams allows us to operate efficiently, and also to resolve successfully any unexpected issues that arise on site.

Modula Group also sets itself apart from its competitors by the high degree of customisation with which we operate in every type of contract: from new builds to the restoration of historic buildings, and on both small-scale and large-scale refurbishments.

The traditional artisanal approach, almost “made to measure”, with which we work is one of our strong points that has led to a growing success throughout Italy, as well as in various foreign countries such as Switzerland, France, Russia and Oman.